Window Tint

  • bring your car up aesthetically and practically!
  • eliminate UV radiation and excessive heat and increase your safety by reducing the risk of glare and glass shattering
  • improve your privacy and overall driving comfort

Lights Tint

  • by combining different vinyls we are able to provide an exceptional appearance
  • great thing for upgrading your tuning

Carshield – Car Protection

  • protect your car paint from damage by flying stones, scratches, chemicals or corrosion
  • it is applied to car parts most susceptible to destruction - bumpers, loading sill, sills, bonnet, fenders and mirrors
  • carshield is transparent stable vinyl without affecting the original paint colour

Safety vinyl

  • secure you and your property
  • safety vinyl decreases the possibility of break-in to your car and other premises, prevents the glass from being shattered
  • it is suitable for all types of glass surfaces, it is formed by several layers to be perfectly stable and resistant


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