We will wrap your racing off!



approved proposal (ours or your own) => calculation, date confirmation => preparation of production data (from us or your own) =>

=> production of the wrap => implementation or handover of the materials to you


We will help you choose wrap colour variations, patterns and materials to satisfy your sophisticated needs. We use only attested high quality materials along with the own quality of the realization and all our employees are trained professionals. We are able to wrap your whole racing fleet, interiors and exteriors. We are used to working hard at racing pace - we always prepare our implementations on time.




  • in our fully equipped premises
  • anywhere else in the country and abroad (contact us for more information)

Additional Services

  • carshield - transparent durable film to protect exposed parts from damage (mostly leading edge vehicle´s parts)
  • window tint (safety, solar)
  • lights tint  
  • interior wraps - e.g. protective frame´s wrap in areas where chafing may occur

"Do It Yourself" kits

  • you do not have to come to us - we can send prepared wraps to you as a kit including instructions and accessories
  • ideal solution for large distances between you and us
  • we can supply you also spare wraps - full or partial (needed in case of a car damage etc.)


Did you find what you were looking for? We will try our best for your satisfaction! 

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