Best of 2014

We are more than ready at the start of a new season and racing cars with our designs celebrate success.


Vaclav Pech becomes the champion of the Czech Republic with our design. We make also Citroen DS3 R5 from Team Gemini for M. Jakes who takes the second place. Likewise the third R. Odlozilik, and the fourth M. Vlcek. As for the 2WD category, the first two places are occupied by our clients (E. Smekal, A. Kobliha), and some others thrive in hillclimb races (M. Rybnicek, D. Komarek).


Soon we prepare exclusive wrap of Caterham for Jan Cervenka, our work is seen in the World and European Rally Championship (M. Koci, A. Kremer, J. Orsak, M. Hudec).


We accelerate. Our designs appear newly on British Isles (John Stone, Tom Preston). We operate in Germany (R. Pritzl) and Bulgaria (Simeon Ivanov), we wrap in France, Holland, Germany and Austria.


Our scope increases. We prepare 29 car designs for Barum rally.


We hotfoot and besides the rebranding of MM Rally Team we create complete team identity for Samohyl Motorsport autocross team (logos, clothing, bus and accompanying fleet design and of course wraps for their Skoda Fabia).


We drive through the next turn and 2014 is over. But we are still far from the finish! When we look back in the rearview mirror, we are proud of ourselves. We simply love this job! 


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